Unlocking Marketing Potential: The Success Story of S.R. Snodgrass and Andocia

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Marketing Challenges We Solved

Creative Execution

Getting past the roadblocks and excuses preventing consistent and continual content creation,

Digital Advertising

Creating and executing digital marketing strategies that companion legal advertising efforts.

Website Development

Created an extensive, SEO-rich website for Snodgrass, helping to share helpful resources.

Getting simple, clear, and compelling in our communications

S.R. Snodgrass, a mid-sized CPA firm, engaged Andocia Marketing Solutions to revamp their marketing efforts and establish a robust online presence. Through strategic marketing leadership and full-service execution, Andocia significantly boosted Snodgrass’ content creation, social media presence, and overall digital footprint.

The Problem:

Before partnering with Andocia, S.R. Snodgrass struggled with content creation, lacked marketing leadership, and had an ineffective advertising program. The firm’s leadership found it difficult to produce articles, posts, and white papers, resulting in an absent social media presence and a terribly outdated website. They needed a comprehensive marketing overhaul to address these issues and drive engagement.

The Strategy:

Andocia developed a clear marketing strategy for Snodgrass, focusing on several key areas:

– Consistently posting 3-4 times per week on all social media channels.

– Building a strong email program leveraging the firm’s extensive email list.

– Rebuilding the website with a robust taxonomy and library of resources.

– Initiating a digital advertising program.

– Enhancing local SEO for the firm’s four office locations through Google My Business and SEO efforts.

– Developing a podcasting program for educational content.

– Producing high-end videos to showcase the firm’s superior culture.

The Results:

Andocia’s comprehensive approach yielded significant results for S.R. Snodgrass:

– Created hundreds of posts, articles, and press releases.

– Increased social media engagement and reactions by over 3,500%.

– Achieved consistent month-over-month growth in followers, engagement, and reactions.

– Produced a dozen podcast episodes.

– Greatly enhanced SEO, achieving top-page rankings.

– Successfully launched and managed a digital advertising program.

Through these efforts, S.R. Snodgrass now enjoys a strong online presence, a vibrant social media profile, and a steady stream of high-quality content, solidifying its dominance in the tri-state area.

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