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If your business is facing any of the marketing challenges below, our Fractional Marketing Executives will help you overcome them.

Lack of Marketing Leadership

Without marketing leadership, most companies suffer from no clear vision or strategy. This can lead to inconsistent marketing efforts that just don’t deliver results.

No Creative Execution

You have a vision, but no one to execute it. Thomas Edison said it best, “Vision without Execution is Just Hallucination.” It’s time to build a creative team that understands your vision and can execute your marketing plan.

Unfocused Communication Strategy

A clear communication strategy is crucial for an organization aiming for success. It’s the strategic tool that ensures key messages reach the right audiences. Without it, it’s the silent business killer.

Content Creation Struggles

Churning out content is easy. Cultivating content that people care about is much harder and requires an overall strategy and team of creative thinkers to develop.

Time-Consuming Vendor Management

Managing vendors takes work and can get complicated in a hurry. From finding the right vendors to managing those relationships, that time investment takes you away from what you do best for your business.

Overwhelmed by Marketing Options

Digital Ads. Social Media. Search Engine Optimization. Podcasts. Traditional Media. The list of creative placements is endless, but most budgets are not. Finding the right media mix for each unique business takes careful planning and consistent refinement for peak ROI.

Andocia gives you both fractional marketing direction AND creative execution through our vCMO services. Read how we have solved these marketing challenges and more for our clients.

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