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Marketing Challenges We Solved

Website Presence

Created an extensive, SEO-rich website for Snodgrass, helping to share helpful resources.

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Creating and executing digital marketing strategies that companion legal advertising efforts.

Content Creation

Getting past the roadblocks and excuses preventing consistent and continual content creation,

From 400 Subscribers to 40,000+

In this case study, we will showcase how our strategic approach and optimization techniques resulted in a significant increase in our client’s YouTube views and subscriber count. By implementing various tactics, including optimizing episode titles, description keywords, and tags, improving video quality, thumbnail designs, posting consistency, and leveraging blog posts, we achieved remarkable growth for our client’s YouTube channel.


Our client, a podcast host, initially faced challenges in gaining traction on YouTube. Over a 90-day period, their videos garnered a mere 683 views. Recognizing the potential of YouTube as a valuable platform for expanding their audience, our team devised a comprehensive strategy to increase views, subscribers, and overall engagement.

Optimizing Video Metadata:

We began by optimizing the episode titles, description keywords, and tags associated with each video. Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify relevant and high-ranking terms within the podcast’s niche. By strategically incorporating these keywords, we enhanced the visibility of our client’s videos in YouTube search results and suggested video recommendations, ultimately attracting more viewers.

Enhancing Video Quality and Post-Production:

To enhance the overall viewer experience, we integrated a mini studio for our client, equipping them with new cameras, podcast microphones, and other essential equipment. This investment led to improved audio and video quality, making the content more engaging and professional. Additionally, our team focused on enhancing post-production efforts, ensuring seamless transitions, optimized audio levels, and compelling visual effects.

Eye-Catching Thumbnail Designs:

Recognizing the importance of appealing visual elements, we optimized thumbnail designs to be more eye-catching and enticing. By employing captivating visuals, we increased the likelihood of viewers clicking on our client’s videos when browsing through search results or suggested videos. This strategy played a crucial role in capturing viewers’ attention and driving higher click-through rates.

Consistent Posting Schedule:

One of the fundamental elements of our success was maintaining a consistent posting schedule. We transitioned from sporadic uploads to a weekly release cadence. By doing so, we established a predictable viewing pattern for our client’s audience, ensuring that subscribers anticipated new content each week. This consistency fostered audience loyalty and significantly contributed to the channel’s growth.

Leveraging Blog Posts for Cross-Promotion:

To drive more traffic to both our client’s website and YouTube channel, we created blog posts for each podcast episode. These blog posts contained embedded YouTube videos, relevant keywords, and supplementary information about the podcast’s content. This cross-promotion strategy attracted additional viewers who discovered the content through search engines or the client’s website, generating a steady flow of traffic to the YouTube channel.

Organic Growth in Subscribers:

By implementing the aforementioned strategies and maintaining a relentless focus on improving content quality, our client’s YouTube subscriber count experienced extraordinary growth. Over a four-month period, the subscriber base increased from approximately 400 to an impressive 4,500, representing a 1,025% increase. This growth was achieved solely through organic means, without resorting to paid advertising or artificial boosting techniques.


Through a comprehensive and data-driven approach, we successfully propelled our client’s YouTube channel from 683 views over a 90-day period to an impressive 45,590 views within the same timeframe, reflecting a remarkable 6,574.96% increase. The implementation of optimization techniques for episode titles, description keywords, and tags, combined with improved video quality, eye-catching thumbnail designs, consistent posting, and cross-promotion through blog posts, played pivotal roles in achieving this growth. Moreover, the substantial increase in subscribers from around 400 to 4,500 within four months serves as a testament to our client’s expanding influence and engaged audience.

2024 Update!

As of June, 2024, Center For Victory’s YouTube continues to see consistent growth in views and subscribers. Lifetime increase since doing business with Andocia, CFV has now went from 400 subscribers to 40.1K subscribers, with each video seeing roughly 12-15K views.

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