How we Increased Social Media Presence by 20x

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Marketing Challenges We Solved

Website Presence

Getting past the roadblocks and excuses preventing consistent and continual content creation,

Social Media Influence

Creating and executing digital marketing strategies that companion legal advertising efforts.

Content Creation

Created an extensive, SEO-rich website for Snodgrass, helping to share helpful resources.

Revitalizing Social Media Presence

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral had existing Instagram and Facebook accounts that had not gained much traction over the years. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive social media strategy, we developed a tailored approach to boost their online visibility and engagement.

Significant Reach and Engagement Growth:

Over a six-month period, our efforts resulted in a substantial increase in Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s Facebook reach by 274.9% and Instagram reach by a remarkable 86.4K%. By leveraging engaging Reels, we successfully captured the beauty and uniqueness of the cathedral, resonating with both existing followers and attracting new ones. The cathedral experienced an impressive 241% increase in Facebook engagement and a 2.9K% increase in Instagram engagement.

Frequent Story Updates:

To maintain a strong connection with the audience, we focused on posting multiple engaging Facebook and Instagram Stories throughout the day. By sharing behind-the-scenes content, highlights of events, and interactive features, we fostered a sense of inclusivity and community engagement. The regular updates ensured that followers felt connected and informed about the cathedral’s activities and offerings.

Significant Growth in Profile Visits and Followers:

Through our strategic efforts, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral experienced a remarkable 900% increase in Instagram profile visits and an additional 1.8K followers. This growth can be attributed to the captivating Reels and engaging content that showcased the cathedral’s historical significance and stunning architecture. On Facebook, page visits increased by 70.7%, indicating a heightened interest in the cathedral’s offerings and updates.

Emphasis on Reels and Video Content:

Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, we placed a strong focus on creating engaging Reels and video content. This best practice for social media allowed us to capture the attention of a wider audience. By highlighting the cathedral’s unique features, events, and sermons, we fostered a sense of curiosity and excitement among viewers. The increased engagement in Reels was evident, with videos garnering thousands of views, hundreds of likes, and numerous comments, resulting in viral content.

On-Site Visits for Fresh Content:

To ensure a continuous flow of engaging material, we made frequent visits to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, capturing fresh footage and photos. By showcasing the cathedral’s beauty from different angles and during various events, we kept the social media content pipeline full. This approach allowed us to present a diverse range of visuals and stories, attracting and retaining audience interest.


Through our partnership with Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, we transformed a historical church with limited engagement and social media presence into a thriving online community. By implementing engaging Reels, frequent Story updates, and a focus on video content, we achieved impressive growth in reach, engagement, profile visits, and followers. Our efforts not only revitalized the cathedral’s social media presence but also fostered a sense of connection and excitement among followers. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral can now effectively leverage social media platforms to share its rich history, events, and services, further expanding its impact and influence.

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