Building a Nationally Recognized Financial Planning Brand

Marketing Challenges We Solved

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Partnered with Andocia Marketing Solutions for fractional CMO services, enhancing their brand through strategic marketing leadership and creative execution.

Content Creation

Developed a high-tech studio for Beratung Advisors, producing and managing educational content that significantly boosted engagement and client acquisition.

Website Development

Created an extensive, SEO-rich website for Beratung Advisors, earning national recognition and supporting the firm’s growth.

Leading the industry through educational content creation

Beratung Advisors, a financial planning boutique, partnered with Andocia Marketing Solutions to elevate their brand and establish a strong presence locally and nationally. Through strategic marketing initiatives, Beratung saw substantial growth in online engagement, social media influence, and client acquisition.

The Challenge.

Beratung Advisors’ CEO had numerous ideas and a clear vision for the firm’s brand, aiming to be a leader in financial planning for all clients, regardless of wealth. However, he lacked the creative execution skills needed to bring these ideas to fruition. Beratung needed a strategic and creative partner to translate their vision into reality.

The Strategy.

In 2021, Beratung Advisors engaged Andocia Marketing Solutions for fractional CMO services. Our approach included:

-> Developing a content-rich website with robust taxonomies to organize a multitude of series and categories.

-> Building a state-of-the-art, six-figure studio for in-house content creation.

-> Managing social media for all firm members, posting 4-5 times per week.

-> Driving growth through consistently published educational content.

The Result.

Website Development: We created an extensive, SEO-rich website featuring hundreds of videos. This content not only enhanced Beratung’s online presence but also earned national recognition from prominent organizations and associations.

Social Media Growth: Beratung’s social media influence grew by thousands of percents across all channels, significantly boosting their reach and engagement.

Client Acquisition: Many new clients praised Beratung’s educational content, noting it as a decisive factor in choosing the firm for their financial planning needs. This content-driven approach has solidified Beratung’s reputation and attracted a diverse client base.

Through these strategic initiatives, Beratung Advisors successfully positioned itself as a trusted leader in financial planning, achieving its mission to provide comprehensive advice, guidance, and counseling to empower clients in making informed financial decisions.

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