Creating clear brand messaging for a non-profit doing good all around the world

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Marketing Challenges We Solved

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Partner with Andocia Marketing Solutions for fractional CMO services, enhancing their brand through strategic marketing leadership and creative execution.

Brand Messaging

Develop compelling content that clearly communicates how SEAPC makes a difference in the world with its wide range of non profit services.

Website Development

Created an extensive, SEO-rich website for SEAPC, helping to share biblical resources with its donator base globally.

Getting simple, clear, and compelling in our communications

This case study focuses on our collaboration with SEAPC, a massive organization engaged in various services and ministries. Over a three-month period, our team undertook the challenge of refining and discovering the organization’s message to simplify its complex nature. By prioritizing brand story and clarity in messaging, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey, including website redevelopment, resulting in improved engagement and user experience.

Refining the Message and Simplifying Complexity:

SEAPC faced the challenge of effectively communicating its diverse range of activities and initiatives to its target audience. Through a meticulous process of refinement and discovery, we successfully streamlined the organization’s complex offerings into simple and understandable terms. By distilling their services and ministries into clear and concise messages, we created a unified narrative that resonated with both existing supporters and potential stakeholders.

Importance of Brand Story and Clarity:

We recognized the significance of brand story and clarity in conveying SEAPC’s mission effectively. By developing a compelling narrative, we ensured that the organization’s purpose, values, and impact were communicated in a coherent and engaging manner. This approach allowed us to connect emotionally with the audience, establishing a deeper connection and fostering a sense of trust and affinity.

Rebranding and Website Redevelopment:

To reflect the refined messaging and enhance the organization’s overall image, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding effort. This encompassed a complete overhaul of SEAPC’s visual identity, including a modern aesthetic that aligned with their target audience’s expectations. Additionally, we redesigned and redeveloped the organization’s website to optimize messaging clarity, improve user experience, and implement more compelling calls to action.

Increased Session Duration and Content Segmentation:

With the new website in place, we observed a remarkable 114.7% increase in session duration. By implementing improved storytelling techniques and strategically segmenting content, we successfully captured and retained users’ attention for longer periods. The simplified messaging and organized content structure allowed visitors to navigate the website seamlessly, fostering a deeper understanding of SEAPC’s work and fostering increased engagement.

Refining Key Brand Taglines and User Journey:

Working closely with SEAPC, we refined key brand taglines for each area of service and ministry, providing users with a better experience and clearer understanding of the organization’s offerings. By aligning the messaging with the user’s journey, we created a cohesive and intuitive pathway that guided visitors towards their areas of interest. This personalized approach facilitated meaningful interactions, increased engagement, and inspired individuals to become more involved with SEAPC’s initiatives.

Enhanced User Experience through Navigation and CTAs:

Understanding the critical role of user experience, we completely redesigned the website’s navigation and site map. By optimizing the user interface and user experience (UX) design, we ensured intuitive and seamless navigation throughout the website. Furthermore, we incorporated more compelling language and calls to action (CTAs) strategically placed throughout the website, leading to increased donor conversions and a deeper engagement with SEAPC’s mission.

Improved Taxonomy and Content Organization:

To enhance content discoverability and user engagement, we implemented a better taxonomy for SEAPC’s blog content, updates, and video updates. By categorizing and organizing the content in a user-friendly manner, we empowered visitors to find relevant information more efficiently, thereby increasing their interaction with the website and deepening their connection with SEAPC’s work.


Through a comprehensive process of message refinement, rebranding, and website redevelopment, we successfully helped SEAPC streamline its complex organization into simple and understandable terms. By prioritizing brand story and clarity, we elevated SEAPC’s messaging, resulting in improved engagement, increased session duration, and enhanced user experience. Our efforts in refining key brand taglines, redesigning navigation, and implementing compelling CTAs further contributed to increased donor conversions and deeper user engagement. Overall, our collaboration with SEAPC exemplified the transformative power of clear messaging and strategic brand communication in connecting with the audience and advancing organizational goals.

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