The Project

Credora, previously X-Margin, came to us in the Spring of 2022 seeking brand design and development for their new company name and identity. Credora is a credit oracle that provides infrastructure for institutional credit within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To be honest, for those of us who aren’t aware of the wide world of cryptocurrency – it’s rather confusing.

They essentially developed a state-of-the-art web app that provides lenders and borrowers a platform to asses risk, loan due diligence, real-time pricing, RFQ (request for quote) for borrowing opportunities, and more – all within a zero-knowledge proof and privacy preserving technology.
Logo Design
Brand Development
Website Development

Part One: Brand Identity

We started by helping X-Margin transition to identifying as Credora through strategic brand development. Discovery sessions helped us further understand what their technology did and why they exist, which then inspired logo concepts, typography, color treatments, and brand tonality. After much deliberation and design, we arrived at Credora’s clean and simple look.

Part Two: Brand Development & Web App

Credora’s name is derived from what they are – a Credit Oracle. We decided to play off of the Ora-, using aura-inspired designs that created a unique feel and mood for the site.
After establishing a logo, font-style, colors, and art-direction, we were able to begin designing their website and redesigning elements of their web app interface. We knew that a large majority of the graphic elements and interactions on the site would come from simplified and isolated modules from their web app.

Part Three: Website Development

Finally, we brought all of these elements together to finalize Credora’s new website. The website would need to appeal to multiple audiences, effectively explain Credora’s cutting-edge technology, and simply took amazing.


The Credora team loved what we were able to create together, and Andocia was proud to be a part of such an awesome project.